Thanksgiving would you rather printable cards

Thanksgiving Would You Rather Printable Cards

This printable Thanksgiving Would you Rather card game will entertain the whole family. It can be a great conversation starter for the dinner table — or use it to keep the kids busy!

Thanksgiving Day is all about the family in our home. It’s one of the maybe 2-3 holidays that I see some of my more distant relatives. We usually have 50-60 people in attendance at our Thanksgiving lunch, held at my great aunt’s house each year.

Thanksgiving would you rather printable cards

The combination of families for the holiday include 10-20 kids. Usually, they enjoy running around in the large backyard or going to visit the horses and goats in the barn. However, when the event falls on a cold and/or rainy November day, there isn’t much for the kids to do.

Thanksgiving Would You Rather Card Game

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Enter this card game that the whole family can enjoy. It’s made of up of over 40 cards that ask the most outrageous questions geared toward the holidays. Things like, would you rather:

  • have carrots or potatoes for feet?
  • sleep on a bed of cornbread or a bed of rolls?
  • have a constant itch or constant hiccups during Thanksgiving dinner?
  • wash your hair with cranberry sauce or gravy?
  • ride in the Thanksgiving Day parade or in the president’s jet?

These silly questions are sure to bring a lot of laughter around the table this year.

There are even a few blank cards so you can create your own Thanksgiving Would You Rather questions!

Print this Fun Thanksgiving Activity Now!

Don’t wait around and forget to grab our FREE Thanksgiving Would You Rather cards! Download and print them on cardstock paper so they will withstand everyone grabbing them during dinner.

Thanksgiving Would You Rather Printable Game

Thanksgiving Would You Rather Printable Cards

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