Self Love Affirmations for a Positive Mind

35 Self Love Affirmations (Free Printable)

Self love affirmations can help to boost your self esteem and confidence. They are simply positive phrases that you can say, write, and believe every day. Recite the list every morning to create a positive mindset before you begin your day.

Some people may think that daily affirmations are nothing more than “wishful thinking”. However, mindset is a very important factor in how you look at your life…and how you deal with stress.

Thinking positively may mean the difference in being overwhelmed by a situation or having the power to overcome whatever you struggle with. It’s all about HOW you approach things.

Look at it this way. People head to the gym each day to improve their physical health. Others may practice piano or another hobby to get better at it. Self love affirmations work in the same way.

By repeating them daily, you can strengthen your mind and learn better ways to cope with any difficulties you are facing.

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Positive Affirmations

35 Self Love Affirmations for a More Positive Mind

I am enough

I am worthy

I am loved and lovable

I give and receive love freely

I can reach my goals

I am capable of reaching my dreams

I deserve the life I want to live

I am grateful for my life and the things I have been given

I am a good parent/spouse/friend

I am in control of my own thoughts and feelings

I am proud of myself and my accomplishments

I accept myself just as I am

I choose to surround myself with positive people

I can say “no” to obligations that do not benefit me

I choose to my kind to myself and others

I only say kind things about myself

My body is a sacred temple and a precious gift

I am more than my body

I love myself for being REAL, not perfect

Daily Positive Affirmations for Kids

I enjoy trying new things even if I fail

I trust myself and my instincts

I am brave and speak my truth

I take responsibility for all of myself, the good and the bad

I make a difference in the world

I have a lot of positive qualities to offer

I grow stronger because of my struggles

I can overcome issues and be happy

I deserve happiness

I seek peace in my life

I am confident in all my endeavors

I follow my heart and do things that make me happy

I look after myself

I believe in me

I am free or worry and at peace with my life

I choose faith over fear

Free Daily Affirmations for Self Love Printable

Download and print this free list of 35 affirmations you can repeat every day. Hang it on your bathroom mirror or place it on your night stand. Keep it handy so that you can read through the list every morning.

You don’t have to read the entire 35 statements every day. Pick and choose depending on your mood. Just 10 affirmations each day can make a big difference in how you think!

Add this task to your daily self care checklist so you don’t forget.

Download the Self Love Affirmations printable!

Self Love Quotes & Affirmations for Positive Thinking - FREE Printable
35 Self Love Affirmations (Free Printable)

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