printable punch card bookmark

Punch Card Bookmarks (Free Printable)

These printable Punch Card Bookmarks are perfect for tracking your child’s reading!

Do you have kids that love to read? If you do, that’s great! I am lucky to be blessed with two readers in my home.

My 6 year old loves to read a few books each night. Our favorites are the SkippyJon Jones series and Clifford books. My 9 year old is really into chapter books that take him longer to finish – he’s currently into the Harry Potter series.

Whether you have kids that love to read, or are a little reluctant to grab a book, these printable Punch Card Bookmarks will help out in your home!

Printable Punch Card Bookmarks

Free Printable Punch Card Bookmarks

These printable bookmarks are a great way to monitor your children’s reading. Even those that aren’t very into reading may become motivated when they see how fun the punch cards are to fill in.

I made sure to include a motivational quote on the bookmarks to make reading even more fun. We all know you can experience the whole world through books – promote that as you get your children to read more!

Using Bookmarks as a Reward System

If you want to get your kids to read more, you can create a fun reward system with this printable punch card bookmarks. Each bookmark has 20 circles waiting to be punch.

Younger readers can punch a numbered circle for each short book they read. Older readers may punch a circle for each chapter they read, or after a certain number of pages read. Decide the rules as a family!

Once the bookmark has been fully punched, let the kids trade it in for a treat and fresh bookmark. Rewards can include a screen time coupon, candy, or small toys.

More Fun Printable Activities:

Using the Punch Card Bookmarks

I recommend printing your bookmarks on thick card stock paper. This makes sure they last through 20 books. Aside from that, all you need is a 1/4 inch hole punch and some rewards and you are all set.

What You Need:

Download your free Punch Card Printable Bookmarks by clicking the image below!

Punch Card Bookmarks for Kids

I hope your kids enjoy these printable bookmarks for kids. They should encourage more reading in your home! Please consider pinning the image below on Pinterest or sharing on other social media.

Download these free punch card bookmarks for kids to promote reading in your home!
Punch Card Bookmarks (Free Printable)

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