in the night scavenger hunt for kids

In the Night Scavenger Hunt Printable

This In the Night Scavenger Hunt printable is a GREAT way to get the kids outside and having lots of fun!

Summer nights are some of the best nights for making memories. My two boys love to get out and catch lightning bugs with the neighbor kids or scope out the constellations in the sky.

Because they love spending time outdoors at night, I decided to create a fun night time scavenger hunt for them.

Night scavenger hunt for kids

FREE In the Night Scavenger Hunt Printable

With this fun and FREE printable game, kids can grab a flashlight and head outside to look and listen for common items. Things like the moon, a shadow and a porch light may be easy to find.

Other items listed on the scavenger hunt may be a little more difficult, like the Big Dipper and spider web. I added a range of difficulty to make it more fun for both of my boys to enjoy it, despite the 3 year age difference.

I think kids as little as 3-4 years old could enjoy this with some parent’s help to read the list. In fact, the night scavenger hunt printable would make a fun family activity! Work together or split into teams (as long as each team has a reader) to see who can find the most in the least amount of time!

Beyond just the family enjoying this night time scavenger hunt, you could print this for children’s sleepovers or when you’re packing for a camping trip. Homeschooling parents may also find this game useful when teaching about animal sounds or constellations.

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In the Night Scavenger Hunt Activity Game

The rules for this printable game are super simple:

  • Print off enough sheets for every player (or team) to have one.
  • Hand out the printable lists, flashlights and a pencil.
  • When a parent shouts, “GO,” all players rush outside to find the most items on their list. Mark off each item you find or hear!
  • (Optional) Set a timer for the game, if you want to make it a bit more challenging.

Click the image below to download and print your FREE In the Night Scavenger Hunt Printable!

I hope you enjoy having a night time scavenger hunt with your friends and family. Please consider pinning this post on Pinterest or sharing on other social media!

Print this free fun night scavenger hunt printable now for an outdoors activity this summer!
In the Night Scavenger Hunt Printable

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