Kids Experience Gifts for Family

Kids Experience Gifts for the Whole Family

Kids experience gifts are a great way to get the whole family involved in the gift giving. These gifts are usually something that can be enjoyed by everyone, and they are perfect for families who love spending time together. There is several benefits to giving an experience as opposed to giving a physical gift, both for the kids and for yourself!

There are all sorts of different family experience gifts to choose from, so you are sure to find the perfect one for your family.

What is an Experience Gift for Kids?

An experience gift for kids is a unique present that allows the child to participate in an exciting activity or event. This can be something as simple as a day at the zoo, a trip to a theme park, or a visit to a new city.

It can also be something that is fun and educational, like music lessons, art camp, or a technology class.

The key is that the experience is different and memorable…something the child will never forget.

Kids Art Lesson Gift

5 Benefits of Giving Experiences Instead of Gifts

There are many benefits to giving experiences instead of gifts. Here are just a few:

  1. Less clutter in your home. Toys are among the top sources of clutter in a family home. When you give experiences, however, you reduce the number of new things coming into the house.
  2. Kids will remember experiences more than things. The toys your children play with will change as they get older. Dolls and cars will be forgotten, as they want more devices and “older kid” belongings. Experiences, on the other hand, will always be delightful memories they will hold onto well out of childhood.
  3. Experiences help kids learn and grow. Whether it is a new skill they are learning or just having fun and being a kid, experiences help kids develop skills, learn a new hobby, or spark interest in something new they never would have thought about liking before.
  4. Opportunities for quality time and bonding. Many experience gifts can be enjoyed by the entire family. This can help improve relationships, as all members have more time together.
  5. Experiences are unique and special. While all toys look the same on the shelf, an experience gift can be different for each child or teenager. This is especially true if you are able to give an exclusive gift, such as a backstage pass to a concert or aquarium.
Horseback Riding Family Experience Gift

Kids Experience Gifts for the Whole Family

  1. Lunch date with one or both parents
  2. A day at a theme park
  3. Tickets to a show or play
  4. A day of fishing or hiking
  5. Playtime in an amusement center
  6. Ice skating for the first time
  7. Cooking class
  8. Magazine subscription
  9. Bowling
  10. Escape room adventure
  11. Roller skating
  12. Geocaching
  13. Art lessons
  14. Trip to the beach or lake
  15. Visit to a zoo
  16. Aerial tour of the city
  17. Creative writing class
  18. Dance lessons
  19. AirBNB gift card
  20. Mani/pedi date

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Zoo Experience Gift for Kids

More Examples of Family Experience Gifts

  1. Go horseback riding (or gift lessons)
  2. Rock climbing
  3. Concert tickets
  4. Movie passes
  5. Waterpark passes
  6. Trip to the aquarium
  7. Wilderness survival course
  8. Professional photoshoot
  9. Family game night
  10. Tour of national parks
  11. Visit a local museum
  12. Helicopter ride for the family
  13. Backyard movie night
  14. Unplanned family road trip
  15. Symphony tickets

12 Months of Experiences Gift

Parents that want to get the most out of kids experience gifts could put together a year-long plan for memories to be made. Once a month, the family heads out to experience something new. Maybe a cooking class, horseback riding, or geocaching.

You can choose to keep future months a surprise, or map it out in a journal so the children know what’s coming up. This journal can also be a great way to reflect and capture memories of each experience!

Kids Experience Gifts Ideas Printable

Family Experience Gifts Bucket List and Coupon Book Printables

Download our FREE printables to make planning kids experience gifts for the whole family even easier! The list is a great starting point when considering all of the experiences you can give to your children. Of course, you’ll want to tailor your gifts to the hobbies and interests you think your kids will love most.

There’s also a coupon book within the printable, so you can plan out the 12 months of experiences gift. You can also just use the coupons as a fun way to “give” the gift of experiences to your kids!


30+ Kids Experience Gifts for the Whole Family