No Spend Summer Weekend and Bucket List

Free Summer Activities + Summer Bucket List Printables

Looking for free summer activities your family can enjoy? Download our free no spend summer weekend plus summer bucket list printables!

Have your kids started with the “I’m bored” during their summer break yet? They are tired of reading the same old books, playing the same games, probably even tired of seeing each other every day.

My 7 year old gets bored easily. Thankfully my 10 year old is good at occupying himself, so I only have to find ways to entertain one child. That’s where my handy list of summer fun activities comes into play!

Free Summer Activities for Families

I work during the week, so my weekends are when I really dig into the time my boys and I can spend together. This is when we fit in the most quality time of the week (though this list of activities can work during the week too, when I’m working and need something fun for the boys to do).

And as a single mama, I try to make our family fun as frugal as possible. We still have to keep the lights on and food in the fridge, so we can’t be spending lots of money on entertainment every weekend.

So, that’s why I love this list of free summer activities. It allows us to have fun without breaking the bank!

Some of the ideas on the list include:

  • Finger painting
  • Bird watching
  • Flying a kite
  • Making popsicles
  • Try a new hobby
  • Go on a nature walk

Don’t be afraid to do these more than once. Many of these activities repeated without getting boring!

Using No Spend Activities in the Summer Bucket List

Not only can you plan a no spend summer family weekend, you can use the time spent together to chip away at a summer bucket list for your family!

This list is something everyone sits down and compiles together. Get everyone’s input on the list, so that all family members are excited to complete it. Pull things from the no spend list included in our printable, or add your own ideas for family fun this season!

Planning a No Spend Summer Weekend

For a successful weekend filled with free summer activities, consider the following tips:

  • Let everyone help in the planning. One child can pick the activity, while another plans the picnic lunch you are taking along. Make it a group effort.
  • You don’t have to spend money to have fun! Some of the best memories are made at a local park or playground, or while on a walk in nature.
  • Put down the camera, Mama! You may want to capture every family outing for social media. Make sure you are present in the moment and enjoying the time with your children. Memories will be made without the camera, though you may miss them if you are constantly trying to capture them!

Download your free No Spend Summer Weekend + Summer Bucket List Printables!

Free Summer Activities + Summer Bucket List Printables
Free Summer Activities + Summer Bucket List Printables

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