In the City Scavenger Hunt

City Scavenger Hunt (Free Printable)

Check out this city scavenger hunt for a fun activity the whole family can do while out and about!

My boys are really loving the scavenger hunts I’ve been creating for them. Here’s another that I want to share…all about finding items while in the city. This can be your own home town or when you are visiting another city.

This printable activity for kids makes long car rides more fun, especially when you are stuck in traffic.

Free City Scavenger Hunt Printable

With this free printable, kids can enjoy being in the backseat while looking for common items such as a bird, parking meter, and hotel. Some items may require you to drive to certain parts of the city, like the school bus or park bench.

Beyond family fun, this scavenger hunt printable works well on a classroom field trip to keep antsy kids in their seats.

Scavenger Hunt in the City Printable Activity Game

The rules for this printable game are super simple:

  • Print off enough sheets for every player (or team) to have one.
  • Hand out the printable lists and a pencil.
  • When an adult shouts, “GO,” all players begin looking out the car window to find all the items they can on the list!
  • (Optional) Set a timer for the game, if you want to make it a bit more challenging.

Click the image below to download and print your FREE City Scavenger Hunt Printable!

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Get this free city scavenger hunt printable today!

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