Christmas Would You Rather Printable Game

This fun Christmas Would You Rather printbale game will entertain everyone, kids and adults, for hours! Download and play it this holiday season!

Christmas is all about getting the family together. It’s a great time to enjoy food, games, and the gifts we have bought each other. My family loves to get together for game nights, and the holidays lend plenty of free time to play games with the kids and adults.

That’s why I decided to create this Christmas Would You Rather game. I have been seeing these types of printables and games all over Pinterest, and thought a Christmas version would be great for this time of year.

Christmas Would You Rather Game

Christmas Would You Rather Game

This game only involves the printables, which you can download and print below. Of course, you can always make some Christmas goodies for munching and a cup of hot cocoa to enjoy while playing. If it’s chilly, grab your favorite blanket and play in front of the fireplace.

Basically, it’s a fun way to ask questions to each of the players. There are no open ended questions, only 2 choices for each questions. It can be fast paced if you are pressed for time, or you can make this an evening of holiday fun!

Preparing the Would You Rather Game for Play

Download and print the PDF game files below.

Cut all of the questions cards on Cardstock paper so they hold up well during play.

There are a few blank cards on the last page of the PDF, so your family can have fun making up their own questions before playing!

Gather your family and friends…Christmas Would You Rather is a great game for all ages. Even little ones that cannot yet read to enjoy this game.

Take turns asking the questions aloud to all players. Give each player the chance to choose which answer they most want. Some of the questions are really silly, so be ready for lots of laughs!

Download your Christmas Would You Rather Game!

Christmas Would You Rather Printable Game
Christmas Would You Rather Printable Game

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