Bathing Essentials for Self Care

12 Bathing Essentials to Relax & Pamper Yourself

Discover the amazing bathing essentials you should have on hand in order to really relax and pamper yourself!

Is it just me, or is there something majorly relaxing with taking a bath? Even if it’s just 20 minutes of alone time in the bathroom, I’ll take it.

When I sink down into the warm water, it’s like my troubles are washed away. I can literally feel the stress be removed from my body. It helps with any aches and pains I may be experiencing too.

Bathing can be a great part of your Self Care Sunday. If you have the opportunity though, I would suggest taking a bath as often as you can. Showers get you clean, but they just are NOT the same!

Benefits of Taking a Bath

There have actually been studies done on the benefits of bathing. Some of these are obvious, but there are some I didn’t realize! Lifehack sums up 10 benefits of taking a bath in their article, which include:

  • Can improve heart health
  • Can lower blood pressure
  • May help you breathe easier
  • Helps relieve pain in your muscles and joints
  • Improves the health of your urinary system
  • Improves your immunity
  • Hydrates and moisturizes your skin

You can see why it’s imperative you pamper yourself in a relaxing bath at least weekly, if not more often!

Bathing Essentials to Relax & Pamper Yourself

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Now that we know bathing is super beneficial for self care, and for our overall health, let’s look at some of the things you should have in your bathroom to make the most of the experience.

Bath Bombs

bath bombs

An assortment of bath bombs are a must, because each has a unique scent. Depending on how you feel, choose a bomb to drop into your water for a moisturizing bath. The scent lingers on your skin long after you’ve gotten out of the tub to promote relaxation even after the bath is done.

Bath Pillow

bathing essentials pillow

Lay back on this bath pillow for a luxurious rest while you bathe. It’s ergonomic design supports your head, neck, and shoulders for optimal comfort – making it one of the most vital bathing essentials.

Body Scrub

body scrub

Treat your skin right while in the tub with a natural body scrub. This Himalayan Salt Scrub helps to hydrate, rejuvenate, and exfoliate while you relax in the warm water. By removing toxins from your skin, it will be left feeling soft and looking radiant.

Scalp Massager

scalp massager for bathing

This scalp massager gives you the wonderful benefits – and feeling – of a scalp massage without going to the beauty salon or a professional masseuse. It’s easy to grip while shampooing your hair, and works on even the sensitive scalps.

Facial Cleansing Tool

facial cleaner

Your face needs love too! Gently massage, exfoliate, and cleanse with this 7-in-1 Facial Cleansing Brush. It can give you a gentle scrub or a deep cleaning with multiple speeds and brush heads, and it works well on all skin types.

Bath Soak

calming bath soak

Calming and comforting your mind is the point of Dr. Teal’s Foaming Bath. Infused with lavender, it helps promote a great’s night sleep by relaxing your brain while you get clean.


bathing essential loofah

There’s just something about a soft loofah for a good scrubbing during bath time. These are made with a fine mesh that will rejuvenate your skin while not being so harsh to irritate it. Three come in a set, so you can always have one handy for a bath!


bath candles bathing essentials

I have tried so many candles over the years, but these Yinou Light Scented Candle Sets are among my favorite for bath time. The set comes with 4 fragrances, and I like lavender and spring best when it comes to creating an aromatic bathing atmosphere. Plus, they are very visually appealing!


moisturizing body lotion bathing essentials

I was hesitant to try this Moisturizing Lotion because 1) I was unfamiliar with this brand, and 2) I generally seek out natural skincare products with shea butter or coconut oil. But I went with it because it had excellent review on Amazon. I was very impressed to see how well it moisturized my skin after a bath. It quickly became one of my top bathing essentials!

Lip Balm

lip balm

Don’t forget to hydrate your lips! This Organic Lip Balm will do the trick. Six flavors come in this set so you can mix it up after every bath if you wish. I recommend keeping some in your purse too for all-day lip moisturizing.

Hair Towel

hair towel bathing essentials

With this hair towel, you can pull up your wet hair in just a few seconds after your bath. The absorbent towel dries your hair as you get dressed. I like to pair this with my bath towel just to save some time after my bath.

Bath Towel

bathing essentials towel

Dry off from your bath with this super soft, oversized microfiber towel. I had never tried a microfiber towel after a bath before this one, and I LOVE it! It’s very absorbent so your body will be dry within seconds to go about your day or night.

Wrap Up

Now obviously, you don’t have to have EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of the bathing essentials I recommend in this list. In fact, there’s some that wouldn’t be used together.

However, every item one this list is designed to help you create a very relaxing and calming environment when you get ready for a bath.

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12 Bathing Essentials to Relax & Pamper Yourself
12 Bathing Essentials to Relax & Pamper Yourself

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