Animal Word Search Puzzles

Animal Word Search Printables

These animal word search puzzles are a great boredom buster that also promotes learning about the wild!

Looking for something fun your kids can do that doesn’t involve a screen? It’s hard to keep my two boys from wanting their TV, iPads, or other devices. I do all I can to come up with alternatives to screen time so they aren’t straining their eyes all day, every day.

Thankfully, both of them really like to do word puzzles. I can easily print them out and keep them on hand for when boredom strikes. They are especially helpful on a rainy day when riding their scooters or going for a walk is out of the question.

Animal Word Search Puzzles

FREE Animal Word Search Puzzles

It’s fun when my kids request specific puzzles…not the generic ones you can find online. A recent request was word searches featuring different animals. I actually added these into their homeschooling curriculum as a science lesson.

There are four animal word search puzzles free to download here. The topics include

  • Barnyard Animals
  • Zoo Animals
  • Water Animals
  • Land Animals

You can choose to print one or all!

Each puzzle contains 15 words. I don’t think I repeated any words, as I wanted them all to be fresh and new. This activity opened up some fun discussions as the boys chose which animal from each search they would like to have as a pet.

More Fun Printable Activities:

Click here to Download the FREE Animal Word Search Puzzles!

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Download and print these free animal word search puzzles. Great rainy day activity for kids!

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