Daily Affirmations for Kids

Daily Affirmations for Kids (Free Printable)

These daily affirmations for kids help boost your kids attitude and thoughts!

Sometimes, my kids can get into a funk where they are negative about everything. My 9 year old is especially bad about negative self talk.

It can stem from a bad mood, not sleeping well, getting a bad grade, or getting in trouble at home. No matter the reason, it’s never fun to hear my kid tell me he’s not smart, he can’t do it, or he will never learn.

Daily Affirmations for Kids

Using Affirmations for Kids to Change your Child’s Thinking

Enter positive affirmations for kids. These short phrases are very powerful in changing the way your children thinks about the day – and about themselves. Repeating these short phrases every day can help promote positive thinking, which we all need more of in our lives.

With my son’s help, I created a list of daily affirmations that he can repeat every time he’s feeling down about something. He even says a handful each morning to help set himself up for a great day at school or at home.

How Do Affirmations Even Work for Kids?

Have your kids reciting these positive affirmations each day for them to actually work. The shift in self talk helps the brain to create new neural pathways so your child starts to automatically think more positively.

I know that sounds like a lot of foreign science talk, but it’s basically the law of attraction. The idea that what you focus on most is what you get out of life. If you focus on the positive, you will find that your life is more positive overall.

This doesn’t happen overnight. It’s important that your child recites the affirmations on a daily basis for that positive shift in thinking to occur.

I’ve also made a printable of the list of affirmations for kids. Hang this in your child’s bedroom or bathroom so they can see it every day. Just a couple minutes of reciting affirmations from this sheet can totally transform the way your kiddo thinks.

We also have some affirmations for anxiety that may help you too!

40 Daily Affirmations for Kids 

  1. I am brave
  2. I am strong
  3. I love myself
  4. I am awesome
  5. I am smart
  6. I do well in school
  7. I am proud of myself
  8. I am happy
  9. I am courageous
  10. I think positive thoughts
  11. I have the power to make my dreams come true
  12. I learn from my mistakes
  13. I try my best every day
  14. Today will be amazing
  15. I love learning new things
  16. I am a problem solver
  17. I take pride in my school work
  18. I am in control of my actions
  19. I keep a positive attitude
  20. I am capable of doing difficult tasks
  21. I can be anything I want to be
  22. I am optimistic
  23. I am friendly
  24. I am caring
  25. I like giving to others
  26. I am grateful
  27. I accept compliments from others
  28. I am a good influence on my friends
  29. I forgive myself for my mistakes
  30. My life is wonderful
  31. I have a great home
  32. My parents are proud of me
  33. I push through fear to try new things
  34. I welcome new experiences
  35. I am a good person
  36. There is always a reason to smile
  37. I like to practice to become better at anything
  38. I offer help to others without being asked
  39. Every day is a fresh start on life
  40. Everything will be okay

Need more inspiration for your kids? Grab our free Unicorn Coloring Pages with Positive Affirmations while you are here!

Free Affirmations for Kids Printable

Click the image below to download and print this handy list of affirmations!

Hopefully these daily affirmations for kids will help your kiddos like they do mine. Even if they aren’t having a bad day, these positive sentences can be a great start to their day.

Grab this free Daily Affirmations for Kids printable to boost confidence!
Daily Affirmations for Kids (Free Printable)

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