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30 Day Self Care Challenge for Moms (Free Printable)

Give this 30 day self care challenge a try if you need to pamper yourself a bit more every single day!

It can be hard for mamas to find time to take care of themselves. You spend so much time focused on the family. Getting kids to school, taking care of errands, shuttling kids to practices and after school lessons, preparing dinner, and getting everyone into bed.

Rinse and repeat every single day.

When it is Mama’s time to be taken care of?

30 Day Self Care Challenge Printable for Moms

30 Day Self Care Challenge – Free Printable

With the 30 day self care challenge I am sharing today, you’ll learn how to include a little time for yourself every single day. This exercise is designed to show you how easy self care can be…and that you don’t have devote a TON of time for it to be effective.

A daily self care checklist is a helpful idea to use with this challenge!

Little things like starting a new book, going to bed early, grabbing coffee with a friend, or having a dance party with your kids can seriously transform the way you feel every day. And these activities don’t take a lot of time to prepare or do.

With small bursts of self love injected into your days, you’ll notice you feel better and are happier at the end of the 30 days!

Tracking with a Self Care Journal

One thing you should consider doing is tracking your challenge in a self care journal. You can write down how you completed each activity and how they made you feel after.

This notebook can be more than just a tracking tool, however. It’s highly recommended that you journal a few minutes each day. Journaling helps to empty your mind and work through thoughts and feelings.

Learn how to get started with a self care journal!

Start a Self Care Journal

Why is Self Care So Important?

It’s human nature for moms to start feeling burned out after doing the same tasks every day – especially when they have MANY to accomplish every day. With burn out can come exhaustion, irritability and just that overwhelmed sense of feeling BLAHHHH.

Taking the time for self care can help with all of the negative emotions and thoughts that come with burn out – and from being a busy mama. It can also improve your physical health, if you start going for walks or making healthier choices in the kitchen.

Self Care Activities

Day 1 – Go to bed 15 minutes early

Taking care of yourself means getting plenty of rest. Get a little extra shut eye as a way to take care of your body.

Day 2 – Paint your nails

Go with a new nail polish color from your normal choices. You just may find a new favorite!

Day 3 – Color one page of an adult coloring book

Coloring is a such a relaxing activity. It really helps me to relieve motherhood stress and just close my mind off to negativity I am dealing with.

Day 4 – Have lunch in the sun

Because we can all use more Vitamin D in our days! Pack a healthy lunch and find a cozy bench in a park to enjoy it.

Day 5 – Unplug from your devices

Staying so wired makes it hard to rest and relax at the end of a long day. Disconnecting for an evening lets your mind rest, and you may really like the tech break.

Day 6 – Take a 30 minute walk

Schedule this into your day whenever it fits the best. Maybe on your lunch break or right after work. Take in the fresh air and the sounds of nature around you as you walk.

Day 7 – Practice deep breathing

Deep breathing techniques are very easy to do and come with a ton of benefits. For one, it helps to relieve anxiety and stress. And by focusing on your breathing, you can release you from any negative thoughts distracting your mind.

Day 8 – Try a face mask

Sometimes just a little pampering can go a long way. Try a facial mask to help tone and tighten your skin while removing fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will thank you, and the time you spend on yourself is refreshing.

Listen to music

Day 9 – Listen to an easy listening playlist

Music is an escape for many people. Put on some light music – think classical or nature sounds. Then, close your eyes, lay back, and just enjoy the sounds.

Day 10 – Have coffee with an old friend

Call up someone who you haven’t seen in a while and enjoy the time spent together.

Day 11 – Host a dance party with your kids

Nothing may be as therapeutic as spending quality time with your kids. Throw on some dance music and get silly around the living room!

Day 12 – Find a healthy alternative to your favorite snack

Snacks aren’t always the healthiest. However, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a better alternative.

Day 13 – Try a new hobby

Hobbies allow us to unplug from the real world for a bit. Try your hand at something new. Take a cooking class. Read a book in a new genre. Go golfing with a friend.

Day 14 – Read a new book

Escape into another world by opening a book. Make it a point to read at least a chapter or two each week even after this self care challenge is over.

Psst…we have 40 MORE Self Care Ideas for Moms!

Day 15 – Indulge in your favorite dessert

Because we can also use a small indulgence, right?! Don’t feel bad over this splurge either. You deserve it!

Day 16 – Have a Netflix binge night

Sometimes you just have to unwind in front of the TV. Put on your comfiest PJs and enjoy some funny movies.

Day 17 – Grab a smoothie

If you don’t eat normally breakfast, this may change your life. Make yourself a healthy smoothie or grab one on your commute to enjoy a nutritious start to your day.

Day 18 – Call a friend

Connections are lost because we have such busy lives. Reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and catch up over the phone.

Fun DIY Project

Day 19 – Tackle a DIY project

This could be a simple craft you want to make or a larger home improvement project. The key is to have fun!

Day 20 – Plan a mini getaway

Just the weekend can be enough to get your mind off life and enjoy some time to yourself. You can also bring the kids along for some fun!

Day 21 – Journal your feelings

This is definitely an activity you want to continue after the self care challenge. By writing your feelings down, you can later reflect on them and any changes you have made.

Day 22 – Get a pedicure

This is probably my most favorite activity of this challenge. I love a good pedicure. Even if you can’t get an appointment you can pamper yourself at home with some polish, nail clippers, lotion, and a pumice stone.

Day 23 – Enjoy a picnic

Make a day of it, enjoying nature and all it has to offer.

Day 24 – Take silly selfies

Grab your kids for this one! Everyone loves making faces in the camera. The laughter makes you feel so much better.

Day 25 – Treat yourself to a new outfit

Sometimes looking your best makes you feel better. Give yourself a budget and get some new clothes.

Day 26 – Light a candle

Choose a nice scent. Lay back and enjoy the smell rather than continuing to run about the house in a frenzied state.

Day 27 – Create a vision board

The best way to visualize your goals is to see them in front of you. Place this vision board in a place where you will see it often to keep yourself on track.

Day 28 – Find 5 affirmations to repeat daily

Positive statements make for a positive mindset. Check out our self love affirmations and financial affirmations.

Day 29 – Go for a drive

Have no destination in mind. Just get in the car, roll down the windows and put on some good music. Feel the wind in your hair as you enjoy the ride.

Day 30 – Do a brain dump

It’s best to get all your to-dos, thoughts, and wants out on paper. With the brain dump, you can think start to organize what you need to do. You can also set goals and deadlines to get everything done.

What Happens After the 30 Days?

A 30 day self care challenge is designed to get your mind and body working toward taking better care of yourself. It’s like training for a life-long change of improving your mental, emotional, and physical health.

At the end of the challenge you will – hopefully – have realized how easy self care is and be reaping the benefits of taking care for yourself. You will want to keep doing these little things to feel better and keep the overwhelm and irritability at bay!

Click the image below to download your free printable of the 30 day self care challenge.

If there’s something you can’t complete, just put a small post-it note over it with a better idea more suited for you! I hope you enjoy the challenge and share it with your friends on Pinterest or other social media!

Get the free 30 day self care challenge printable for moms today!
30 Day Self Care Challenge for Moms (Free Printable)

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