50 Financial Affirmations

50 Financial Affirmations to Conquer your Money Goals (Free Printable)

Financial affirmations may seem like a big joke, but many have used them successfully to increase your wealth and view money in a positive manner.

We live in a world that money makes go ’round. Every day we spend money, maybe on lunch, gas for our car, or a few groceries on the way home.

Parents are expected to spend even more, with schools asking for lunch money or field trip fees regularly. Plus, kids outgrow clothing, need new shoes, and want the latest toys and gadgets for birthdays and Christmas.

With the need for money always so prevalent, it’s important to use financial affirmations to keep your view of money in a positive light.

What are Financial Affirmations?

Just like the positive affirmations I have shared, these are short phrases and sayings that help your mindset when it comes to money. They should be repeated daily to motivate you to meet financial goals you have.

The financial affirmations you choose for your own situation should always be positive statements. It’s difficult to push forward and meet your financial goals when you are thinking too negatively. Shape your words, and therefore your mind, with a positive tone when it comes to money.

They are basically the law of attraction in play, which is all about gaining the things in life that you put the most focus on. Focusing on the good means you’ll have more good in your life.

Money Affirmations

How Do Financial Affirmations Work?

By consistently repeating positive statements, you will program your mind to think positively when it comes to your financial situation. Think about it, it’s hard to make good money choices when you are down and out.

It’s easier to grab take out, even if your “eating out” budget is gone, when you don’t have a good relationship with money. You will also tend to splurge more when you feel that you aren’t making the progress you want financially.

On the other hand, if you are using financial affirmations to create a more positive outlook on money, you can stay motivated to meet goals. You’ll make better choices when it comes to spending because you know they will contribute to your success.

50 Financial Affirmations to Repeat Daily

  • I am a magnet for a prosperous life.
  • I can overcome any financial obstacle.
  • I am in control of my money.
  • I am the master of my financial wealth.
  • I have the power to improve my finances.
  • Money comes my way in expected, and sometimes unexpected, ways.
  • I use money to better my life and the lives of others.
  • I value myself, my life, and my money.
  • I am destined to be financially stable.
  • I strive to increase my wealth every day.
  • I am worthy of all the money I desire.
  • I can become financially free.
  • Every cent I spend comes back to me.
  • Financial freedom is a reality for me.
  • I make good choices when it comes to finances.
  • I have a solid plan for my finances.
  • The ability to make more money is within my reach.
  • I release all negative thoughts about money.
  • I am grateful for the money I have today.
  • I have enough money to live a comfortable life.

Budgeting/Saving Money Affirmations

  • I would rather save my money than spend it frivolously.
  • I am in control of the budget.
  • I am more than my budget or my debt.
  • I spend money with intention.
  • I am smart with budgeting my money.
  • I know it’s best to put back more money than I spend.
  • Saving money helps me reach my financial goals.
  • I have plans for making my budget work for me.
  • I closely track my spending habits to ensure I always have money.
  • I enjoy being frugal so I can build my savings.
  • I love seeing my savings account increase each time I make a deposit.
  • My future self will love me for making good financial decisions now.
  • I enjoy finding new ways to save money.
  • I focus on moving forward financially by paying off debts.
  • I will be debt-free and have plenty of money.
  • Sticking to my budget just feels good.
  • It makes the most sense to spend my money mindfully.

Affirmations for Increasing Income

  • My hard work pays off financially for me.
  • I enjoy doing what I do to earn money.
  • I welcome new opportunities to make more money.
  • I am on my way to becoming financially wealthy.
  • I am able to increase my income as much as I want.
  • I deserve the chance to negotiate my salary.
  • I have great ideas that will grow my income.
  • Passive income is important to grow my wealth.
  • I am not afraid to start a new money-making venture.
  • I am a magnet for success in any money-making venture I begin.
  • Nothing stands in my way to increasing my income.
  • I am confident in my abilities to grow my income.
  • Money is available all around me, I just need to act and grab it.

Where to put your financial affirmations

You will want to repeat at least a handful of these money affirmations every day. So, put them in a place where you can be sure to see them. We have created a handy printable, which you can download below. Hang it on the fridge, in your office cubicle – wherever is convenient for you!

Download the FREE 50 Financial Affirmations Printable

50 Financial Affirmations to Conquer your Money Goals
50 Financial Affirmations to Conquer your Money Goals (Free Printable)

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