Camping Scavenger Hunt Printable

This Camping Scavenger Hunt printable offers a simple way for kids to enjoy nature and have fun!

Does your family enjoy camping? I grew up by a lake quite a bit when I was a kid. My brother, sister, and I always had fun pitching a tent, running around to find new flowers or bugs, and telling ghost stories by the campfire.

My two boys really like to go camping now with my parents, since they have a nice camper these days!

There are lots of fun activities to do while camping…fishing, making s’mores, finding cool rocks. But what happens when you hear one of the kids utter those two very dreaded words….”I’m bored”??

My kids LOVE scavenger hunts, so it was easy for me to come up with the idea for my Camping Scavenger Hunt Printable.

Camping Scavenger Hunt Printable

FREE Camping Scavenger Hunt Printable

With this fun and FREE printable game, kids can be easily entertained around the campsite for an hour or more. It can actually be an all-day game if you roll it into a hike and then save the campfire at night.

Some of the items will likely be spotted immediately, like a sleeping bag or water. However, you may have to trek a bit to find other items such as something yellow or a flower.

Who can Do this Scavenger Hunt?

This camping printable scavenger hunt is fun for kids of all ages. Both of my boys enjoyed playing! An adult or older child may be needed to help those too young to read the list. My boys worked together since the 6 year old is just getting started with reading.

Scavenger hunts like these are always flexible to allow for the most fun. You can play individually or include the whole family and pair off into teams. This printable can be used on a school or Boy Scouts camping trip too!!

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Below are the following things you have to find when doing this scavenger hunt:

  • Campfire
  • Flashlight
  • Pine cone
  • Sleeping bag
  • Moon
  • Compass
  • Insect
  • Something bumpy
  • Something red
  • Spider web
  • Moss
  • Water
  • Tree stump
  • Bird
  • Matches
  • Flower
  • Something smooth
  • Something yellow

Rules for Play

The rules for this printable game are super simple:

  • Print off enough sheets for every player (or team) to have one.
  • Laminate the sheets to prevent damage or getting dirty.
  • Hand out the printable list and a pencil.
  • When a parent shouts, “GO,” all players rush around the campsite to find the most items on their list. Mark off each item you find!
  • (Optional) Set a timer for the game, if you want to make it a bit more challenging.
  • (Also optional) Think of about a fun prize that the winner gets once the game is over.

Click the image below to download and print your FREE Camping Scavenger Hunt Printable!

Camping Scavenger Hunt Printable

I hope you enjoy having a camping scavenger hunt with your friends and family. Please consider pinning this post on Pinterest or sharing on other social media!

Camping Scavenger Hunt Printable